Monthly Archives: January 2010

Fish Tank Review

“Arnold and her cast have created a powerful movie that possesses hope while still remaining genuine.”

Read the review @ RELEVANT Magazine.

No Impact Man Review

“The memoir of a self-righteous enthusiast going green for a year becomes the honest failures of a family trying to make a difference in the world.”

Read the review @ Pegasus News.

Bringing Hope Into the Wasteland

I recently wrote an article about a missionary to Haiti for Adventures In Missions, which was published by RELEVANT Magazine. Read it here.

Fantastic Mr. Fox Review

“Anderson is notorious for creating unconventional, nonsensical sets and characters that astoundingly project reality in ways other films, on the opposite side of the spectrum, do not.”

Check out the complete review @ Wrecked Magazine.

Departures Review

“Departures, the 2009 Oscar winner for Best Foreign Language Film, unexpectedly triumphed over brilliant and celebrated opponents like Israeli animated documentary Waltz with Bashir and French drama The Class.”

The complete review can be viewed @ Pegasus News.

Sherlock Holmes Review

“While Downey’s performance and Ritchie’s visual effects are superb, the writing and central plot are dismal, resulting in a film that will be enjoyed yet forgotten.”

Read the rest of the article @ RELEVANT Magazine.