Monthly Archives: February 2010

Film Festival Coverage

Thursday Night Coverage of Thin Line Film Festival in Denton, Texas.

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Martin Scorsese Article

“Despite abandoning his plans to enter the priesthood, Scorsese obviously hasn’t given up on faith or his calling to speak the truth.”

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The Vanished Empire Review

“Shakhnazarov and his writers have all the necessary ingredients for a winner: a beautiful setting, good actors, a unique perspective on history, but they, themselves, clearly don’t possess the talent to make it work, or perhaps they’ve hit a dry spell.”

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Midlake – The Courage of Others Review

“With no indie resonance or overly catchy tunes, as with prior material, the album requires a few listens before its magnitude can be unearthed. And although it has flaws, which are inevitably caused by change, they aren’t problematic enough to interrupt its power and beauty.”

Read the review @ RELEVANT Magazine.

The Escapist Review

“Because it escapes the limitations notorious to its genre, The Escapist is worth the time. Watch it for Cox’s performance, if for nothing else.”

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