Monthly Archives: March 2010

How to Train Your Dragon Review

“It certainly struggles through being overly didactic and retelling a story we’ve already heard; nonetheless, it overcomes these limitations with imagination, humor, memorable characters and what are some of the most breathtaking visual effects yet to make it onscreen.”

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The Bounty Hunter Review

“Taking its rightful place as the All About Steve of 2010 (look for it in next year’s Razzies), The Bounty Hunter has absolutely nothing to offer: It isn’t funny, sexy, sweet or thrilling—everything it pitifully attempts to be.”

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The Stoning of Soraya M. Review

“If you can handle the extreme sensitivity and emotion packed into this film, then it’s undoubtedly worth seeing. But don’t expect to be entertained or satisfied; only expect to be moved.”

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She’s Out of My League Review

“As a whole, She’s Out of My League is a crass and predictable popcorn flick that brings nothing new to a tired and dying genre. Not only that, its message is overly preachy yet superficial – a cringe-inducing combination.”

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The White Ribbon Review

“While it’s nearly impossible to refrain from attempts to piece together the puzzle, Haneke’s film is far more concerned with the human condition and the social effects of such malevolence, than the revelation of the actual people behind it.”

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$9.99 Review

“Knock 30 minutes off Babel, replace Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett with silicone figurines, throw in some humor, and the result is $9.99, an Australian-Israeli stop-motion film by director Tatia Rosenthal.”

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