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35 Shots of Rum Review

“Comprehensively, 35 Shots of Rum is a visual, emotional, convincing work of ingeniousness.”

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Floating Weeds Review

“Everyone who loves movies should eventually find their way to Ozu, and this 1959 mark of brilliance is an excellent place to start.”

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Death at a Funeral Review

“LaBute’s awful, unfunny Death at a Funeral doesn’t have an original bone in its body, and its talented performers barely show up.”

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Beeswax Review

“This movie is all things not Hollywood: The little elements are showcased; the big moments are downplayed.”

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Date Night Review

“While dabbling in drollness, the gist of Josh Klausner’s script would be a better fit for a Shrek movie, which he’s written before.”

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Clash of the Titans (2010) Review

“But if there was ever a time to skip the third dimension, this is it. Unlike Avatar and recent animated pictures, the film’s 3D gimmicks are blurry and jumpy, lacking a crisp, detailed tone.”

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Yes Men Save the World Review

“They don’t waste your time with long lectures about capitalism, free trade or corporate America: They let their actions do the talking, making for an entertaining and enlightening experience with an optimistic ending that will probably leave you smiling.”

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Taxidermia Review

“The visual beauty that does exist is spoiled by a rotten indulgence in perversion that isn’t worth sitting through to arrive at an unsatisfactory ending.”

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