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Lost Review

“Loaded with drama, universal themes, intriguing characters, sci-fi elements, innovative storytelling and, most of all, spiritual depth, Lost has became a staple of popular culture in America and all around the world.”

Read my and Andrew Welch’s review @ RELEVANT Magazine.

Coverage of Lost Finale Party at Angelika Dallas

“It was a bittersweet night at the Dallas Angelika this Sunday. Roughly 800 LOST fans from across North Texas (and beyond) piled into three separate theaters for the finale of ABC’s groundbreaking series.”

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Robin Hood Review

“The remolding of a legend is what ultimately kills the film. Scott has turned a myth, a concept essentially, into a history which emerges as dry, insensible clutter that simply looks nice—the kind of stuff the real Robin Hood would defy.”

Read on @ RELEVANT Magazine.

Iron Man 2 Review

“Favreau’s second rendition to the Marvel comic takes a step backward from what was already middlebrow entertainment, which won’t provide the same kind of memories as its predecessor, if any.”

Read the review @ RELEVANT Magazine.

No One Knows About Persian Cats Review

“No One Knows About Persian Cats, in all its originality, beauty and strength — transparent through compelling direction and performances — unquestionably deserves that rare title of masterpiece.”

Read my review @ Pegasus News.

Paper Man Review

“If Lost in Translation and Greenberg mated and had an inept, psychotic child, the unfortunate kid’s name would be Paper Man.

Read my review @ Pegasus News.

Movies That Matter – Magnolia Article

“When I watch Magnolia, I’m not just blown away by how compelling a film it is—the performances, the score, the cinematography; I’m reminded of how wounded and desperate humanity really is.”

Read the article @ RELEVANT Magazine.