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Toy Story 3 Review

“No matter how well-crafted it may be, especially in light of what else has released in 2010, it feels gratuitous. And I’d rather be at home watching Up.”

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Jonah Hex Review

“We expect Brolin, who played a fully believable cowboy in the Coen brothers’No Country for Old Men, to perhaps save the day. But he doesn’t.”

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Mother and Child and Please Give Review

“These two motion pictures  prove that film can still exist as an art form—and not just mindless entertainment—and still possess moral value, painting reality with honesty, yet not void of hope.”

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Movies That Matter – Millions Article

“From charity to simplicity, its many themes all point toward the joy and peace that come from following Christ.”

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180 Degrees South Review

“Even though it will receive criticism for a twisty, distracted story, Malloy’s documentary ultimately distinguishes itself for that reason. It’s a journey that never feels contrived or weighted down with an agenda.”

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Prince of Persia Review

“Regardless of its artlessness, nevertheless, the film succeeds as a genre movie not just because it’s well-acted or action-packed, but because it doesn’t try to be anything else.”

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Tell Tale Review

“Including a careful, captivating score by Trevor Rabin, the characters, an original idea, and psychosomatic vigor compensate for the movie’s missteps.”

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