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Black Narcissus Review

“Stunning visuals, thematic depth and a thrilling finale as effective as any by Hitchcock make the movie timeless and powerful.”

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Greenberg Review

“As Roger Greenberg, the film’s cynical anti-hero, we see a new dimension of Stiller, one that tells us the guy can act.”

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Inception Review

UPDATE (11.6.11): After seeing Inception  a few times after my initial viewing, which prompted this review, I have changed my mind drastically about the film. While I’d maybe still give it a positive review, I certainly wouldn’t call it a “masterpiece.”

While the film obviously has missteps (Gordon-Levitt’s mediocre turn; Watanbe’s unintelligible lines; a sometimes over-ambitiousness), it, in the end, epitomizes everything that constitutes good cinema—and aesthetics.

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Everlasting Moments Review

“The subtle, emotional narrative carries enough tone and inspiration to create something more than a motion picture: a sacred story that will never be forgotten.”

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The Last Airbender Review

“The impressive cast is pivotal in achieving stunning visuals that make Jon Favreau’s Iron Man 2 look like juvenile filmmaking.”

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