Hello Dallas

The date finally arrived, and this weekend we moved to Dallas.

My body is still sore from all the lifting.

Sure Taylor and I only lived 20 minutes away–in Grand Prairie–this last year (our first year of marriage), but there’s something about actually living in the city that’s different.

While I won’t give out our new address for safety reasons (I’ve been stalked before), let’s just say we live about 5 minutes from Addison and 10 minutes from downtown. I love it. Our new place has a parking garage, a 2-level workout facility and more. Plus, it’s close to everything, which is my favorite part. I no longer have to drive 25-30 minutes for press screenings during the week.

It’s just an apartment, and it’s a just a material thing, so I won’t go on about it anymore.

But like I said, it’s great to finally be in Dallas.

In the past, I  had my doubts about this place–and Texas in general–but to be perfectly honest, it’s growing on me. Though Oklahoma will always have a special place in my heart (family), little by little,  I’m becoming a Texan. Just don’t expect me to start wearing a cowboy hat, or enjoying steak, or thinking that Texas is the best state in the country.


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