Monthly Archives: November 2010

Still in the Suburbs

Though it released in early August this year, Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs still hasn’t grown old and just gets better and better with every play. The album, which is clearly the Canadian rock band’s best yet, is undoubtedly the album of the year–well, at least for me anyways. Continue reading

Armond White on Tangled

Armond White has written a fascinating review of Disney’s latest product, Tangled, discussing how the Rapunzel tale has been stripped of its spirituality and morality. It’s definitely worth reading.

The Next Three Days Review

“Because Haggis leaves logic and morals at the door, and asks us to do the same, the film’s outcome seems ultimately in vain.”

Read my review @ Christianity Today.

My Top 5 Movies on the Holocaust

I recently wrote a little piece on my five favorite Holocaust movies.

Check it out @ Christianity Today.

Wes Anderson’s New Movie

A few weeks ago, I read some of the best movie news that I had in a long time: Wes Anderson (The Life Aquatic, Darjeeling Limited), who has been my favorite filmmaker for years now, is moving forward with his next film, titled Moon Rise Kingdom. Continue reading

127 Hours Review

“Tearing apart the humanistic notion that man needs no one but himself, Boyle confirms humankind’s need for connection, community and love.”

Read my review @ RELEVANT Magazine.