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Chronicles of Narnia Interview

Before seeing Voyage of the Dawn Treader and being disappointed as expected (I very much disliked the two previous films, especially Prince Caspian), I interviewed Douglas Gresham, the stepson of C.S. Lewis and producer of the Narnia film series, for RELEVANT Magazine. Continue reading

Memorable Movie Moments of 2010

My friend and fellow film critic, John Meyer aka Film Guy of Pegasus News, put together a great piece on memorable movie moments of 2010, and he even asked me to contribute to it (thanks again, John).

Check out the article here.

True Grit Review

True Grit is one of my favorite films of the year (I’ll post an official top 10 list soon).

Read my review @ RELEVANT Magazine.

RELEVANT’s Top Movies of 2010

It’s not my personal list, and my name isn’t attached to it, but I did write (along with Andrew Welch) and help put together RELEVANT’s top movies of 2010 article. Read it here.

I Love You Phillip Morris Review

“Requa and Ficarra–despite dealing with a once taboo subject–seem to have a comprehensive understanding of the kind of movie they’ve set out to make, paying homage to the classics.”

Read my review @ Pegasus News.

Black Swan Review

“In an industry where thrillers lack imagination and horror films wallow in violence, it returns those genres to their rightful origins, evoking Hitchcock and his Freudian notions.”

Read my complete review @ RELEVANT Magazine.