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Super 8 Review

“If it weren’t stamped with Abrams’ name, the sci-fi film could easily be mistaken for an early work of Spielberg. Like so many Amblin classics, it captivates us with both a warm sensibility and a magical coming-of-age story about friendship, forgiveness and, essentially, faith.”

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The Tree of Life Review

“Covering creation, fall and redemption, The Tree of Life beautifully and imaginatively tells the greatest story ever told, the best news in the world.”

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The Hangover Part II Review

The Hangover Part II should have been dubbed The Hangover Remix. Part II suggests the film to be creative and built upon the shenanigans of the middling original. Instead, the sequel merely remixes it, regurgitating the exact same plot and characters with the addition of a new setting and new level of tastelessness.”

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The Beaver Review

“For a movie about a guy who practices self-therapy with a Beaver puppet on his hand, The Beaver turns out to be surprisingly unoriginal. The new comedic drama from director Jodie Foster, which stars her and Mel Gibson, takes a whole slew of stories and themes from previous films and rehashes them into a middling work of cinema.”

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Scream 4 Review

Scream 4 is ultimately too conscious of itself, and too distracted to do something with all the profundities surrounding it.”

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Super Review

“The film is surely nothing like Kick-Ass, which proves to be a far superior picture, but it certainly isn’t funny or meaningful either. Super is nothing more than a big pile of garbage.”

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Source Code Review

Source Code’s humanity makes it more than just another action thriller. It gives the film substance and spirituality, not to mention a relieving optimism about our hope and future.”

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The Adjustment Bureau Review

The Adjustment Bureau never really goes where it could and opts instead for blatant agenda and heavy-handed messaging.”

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