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The Adventures of Tintin Review

The Adventures of Tintin, a new performance capture 3D film from director Steven Spielberg, is a fun, entertaining, fast-paced adventure with astonishing visual effects.

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War Horse Review

Though not Steven Spielberg’s greatest feat, War Horse is a poignant picture wrapped warmly in humanity.

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The Sitter Review

As this new hackneyed comedy validates even more than the trite Your Highness, the young director who once gave us incredibly thoughtful and original films like George Washington and Undertow seems to have lost himself in the wide world of Hollywood trash.

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The Descendants Review

Despite the acclaim surrounding the name Alexander Payne, the new drama from the celebrated director doesn’t live up to the high standards usually associated with him.

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Hugo Review

Filled with substantive and visual awe, Hugo tells of the power and wonder of film through one boy’s difficult journey to redemption. It also confirms a renewed optimism in its director.

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Tyrannosaur Review

The socio-realistic drama from British actor-turned-director Paddy Considine puts its characters and viewers through the wringer, spinning a difficult and gritty story of human violence with, alas, only glimmers of hope.

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