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The Oscars: Nostalgic for Hope

If one word defines the films of last year, it’s “nostalgia.” From a Paris train station in the 1930s to the Ohio suburbs in 1979, moviemakers and moviegoers alike wanted to be anywhere and everywhere else but 2011.

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2012 Oscars Preview: Who Will Win, Who Should Win

I recently took part in an Oscars piece for Paste Magazine. Looking at all the different award categories, we shared what films we believed would win and what films we thought deserved to win.

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Act of Valor Review

The film tries so hard to be authentic. From a cast made up of real Navy SEALs, to dialogue filled with military jargon, to a plot centered around the war on terror, it wants us to believe that what we’re seeing truly represents soldier life. But it does just the opposite.

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Hipsters Review

The idea behind Hipsters couldn’t be more pertinent, as the hipsters of 1950s Russia look strikingly similar to the hipsters of today. It sets up a great opportunity to study hipster culture, paralleling the past and present.

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The Secret World of Arrietty Review

Slow, calm and quiet with beautifully detailed imagery, the Japanese fantasy may not be the greatest achievement of Studio Ghibli, which has given us the likes of My Neighbor Totoro,Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away, but it’s a real charmer with a big imagination—the sort of film children need to grow up on.

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