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SxSW 2012: The Do-Deca Pentathlon Capsule Review

The Duplass brothers give us another treat in The Do-Deca Pentathlon, a film they actually shot before Cyrus and Jeff Who Lives at Home.

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SxSW 2012: Booster and The Hunter Capsule Reviews

In this set of capsule reviews from South by Southwest, I look at two of my favorite films from the festival, Booster and The Hunter.

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SxSW 2012: Safety Not Guaranteed, Pavilion and The Taiwan Oyster Capsule Reviews

Here are three more capsule reviews (Safety Not GuaranteedPavilion and The Taiwan Oyster) from South by Southwest.

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SxSW 2012: Babymakers, Pilgrim Song and Fat Kid Rules the World Capsule Reviews

This is my first piece from South by Southwest 2012, reviews of BabymakersPilgrim Song and Fat Kid Rules the World.

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