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The Do-Deca Pentathlon Review

In pertinent moments throughout all the Duplass films, starting with their mumblecore debut The Puffy Chair, the camera quickly zooms in on characters—like, well, a punch—shifting the focus from big to small, from macro to micro.

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Moonrise Kingdom Review

With a Wes Anderson film, there’s always a sense that something isn’t right—that what you’re seeing couldn’t be real. Like, why does everyone in The Royal Tenenbaums act as if they live in the 1970s? Or why is no one killed in the shootout between the pirates and Team Zissou in The Life Aquatic?

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Dallas International Film Festival Coverage

At least, my DIFF coverage is online. I reviewed the following films:

Alps, Cinema Six, Cowgirls n’ Angels, The Elect, Elena, Faith, Love and Whiskey, Father’s Chair, I Wish, Maya, My Way, Punch and Qwerty.

Dark Shadows Review

The new Tim Burton cares little about innovation and imagination. As Dark Shadows confirms, he really only cares about his own brand, a business now devoted to middling remakes.

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Views on The Avengers

I have yet to see The Avengers. I didn’t review the film, so I skipped out on early press screenings to make time for other things. I think now, though, I’ll wait a week or two to let the buzz die down before heading to the theatre.

So far I’ve enjoyed reviews from Jaime N. Christley (Slant), A.O. Scott (The New York Times), Jeffrey Overstreet (Filmwell) and Armond White (City Arts).

Kirsten Dunst’s 15 Best Performances

I must admit that I’m already feeling apprehensive about these lists I’m doing for Paste. As someone serious about film criticism, I want to be cautious in regards to the line between fan and critic. Sure, as a cinephile, I’ll always have favorite filmmakers, but I don’t want that to affect or distort the integrity of my work.

Anyway, I’ll continue to ponder the situation and scrutinize my intentions and actions. For now, enjoy a list I made of Kirsten Dunst’s 15 Best Performances for Paste.