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2013 Oscar Nominees: Best Picture


Like all who care about the state of cinema, I have my frustrations and reservations about the Academy Awards, from the politics involved to the ridiculous voting system. And, well, the best picture of the year didn’t even get nominated for Best Picture this year (don’t get me started on that snub). Continue reading

Dallas Mavericks’ Beards

dirkJust when things couldn’t look bleaker, just when a playoff spot seemed more like a pipe dream than a realistic team goal, there came … the Beard.

Read my first official sports piece at Pegasus News.

The Gospel in the Tree of Life

pennIn his 1977 book Telling the Truth: The Gospel as Tragedy, Comedy, and Fairy Tale, author and theologian Frederick Buechner describes preaching the gospel as telling the truth—the “presenting of life itself so that we can see it for not at what various times we call it Continue reading