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Gangster Squad Review

gangster squadThere’s little to glean from Ruben Fleischer’s Gangster Squad except for maybe a few modest laughs, whether the comedy be intentional or not, and some charm from Ryan Gosling.

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The (Other) Best Movie of 2012


In early 2012 Michael Dunaway, one of the editors and founders of Paste Magazine, and I exchanged a few emails about the 2011 film Margaret. We never really finished the conversation, but Michael went ahead and posted the discussion.

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Django Unchained Review


Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained from the get-go appears to boast noble aspirations, namely to be romantic. But given the gluts of its director, it, alas, proves to be anything but that.

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This Is 40 Review


Judd Apatow might just be the dirtiest moralizer in all of Hollywood. His comedies boast some of the foulest language and humor of their genre, but, at the same time, they celebrate traditional religious values.

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Zero Dark Thirty Review


Given the ambiguities and a range of opinions, it should be no surprise that Zero Dark Thirty, Kathryn Bigelow’s smart and exciting thriller about the hunt for—and killing of—bin Laden appears to offer no concrete answers to such questions. But if one looks closely enough, the film’s realistic, almost journalistic, aesthetic actually does provide some answers.

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Life of Pi Review


With a little thought and reason, it’s easy to see the holes in the title character’s thinking, and that this film, at its core, is nothing more than a big and beautiful spiritual mess.

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Lincoln Review


For filmgoers either too young to have been bowled over by Spielberg’s transcendent initial decade or two—or for those who perhaps just take his signature style for granted—Lincoln shows just how good he is. Thanks to a strong cast and a smart story that’s historically, morally and politically rich, Lincoln will go down as one of Spielberg’s greatest accomplishments.

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Sinister Review

Sinister flickteaser 5

Sinister is Scott Derrickson’s scary-as-hell new movie, a mix of the serial-killer, haunted house, and found footage takes on horror.

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End of Watch Review

end of watch

Using a found footage approach, writer-director David Ayer uses hints of the conventional and unconventional, particularly the first-person point of view and Cops-like shots from the police car. These techniques come together to create something surprisingly fresh.

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The Master Review

How good really is The Master? How much of its allure comes from the sheer craft of Anderson and how much comes from our cultural disposition for sadness and futility?

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