Life of Pi Review


With a little thought and reason, it’s easy to see the holes in the title character’s thinking, and that this film, at its core, is nothing more than a big and beautiful spiritual mess.

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Lincoln Review


For filmgoers either too young to have been bowled over by Spielberg’s transcendent initial decade or two—or for those who perhaps just take his signature style for granted—Lincoln shows just how good he is. Thanks to a strong cast and a smart story that’s historically, morally and politically rich, Lincoln will go down as one of Spielberg’s greatest accomplishments.

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Sinister Review

Sinister flickteaser 5

Sinister is Scott Derrickson’s scary-as-hell new movie, a mix of the serial-killer, haunted house, and found footage takes on horror.

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End of Watch Review

end of watch

Using a found footage approach, writer-director David Ayer uses hints of the conventional and unconventional, particularly the first-person point of view and Cops-like shots from the police car. These techniques come together to create something surprisingly fresh.

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The Master Review

How good really is The Master? How much of its allure comes from the sheer craft of Anderson and how much comes from our cultural disposition for sadness and futility?

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Savages Capsule Review

Originally, I was supposed to review Savages for Paste, but due to some personal matters, I had to pass on the review. Here was my introduction, which makes for a sort of capsule review:

Whatever you do, don’t listen to all the chatter—Savages doesn’t mark the “return” of Oliver Stone. That’s not just because he never went anywhere, but it’s also because his new film is simply passable. Whereas the veteran director usually says it like it is—a straightforwardness I find refreshing—here he wallows in ambiguity. His half Buddhist, half pro-drug message gets muddled in an over-extended, sometimes exciting slosh of pulp.

What Batman Says About Us

Before the release of The Dark Knight Rises, I wrote an article on Christopher Nolan’s popular Batman series, specifically what the films say about us as a culture.

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Yes, We Need Critics

A few years ago I wrote a piece for Relevant Magazine that argued why we need film critics. If I wrote the article today, I’m convinced it would look drastically different (for many reasons), but despite my dissatisfaction with the piece, I’d still like to archive it here on the blog.

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Red Hook Summer Review

All too typical of a Spike Lee joint, Red Hook Summer is bound to leave you utterly conflicted, overwhelmed with both admiration and frustration.

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360 Review

With all due respect to Fernando Meirelles, the director behind the terrific 2002 gangster flick City of God, the Brazilian filmmaker’s new film is so bad that it almost feels like a sin to take the time to write about it.

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